Where the Fine Art Meets the Soulful Science in Thai Cuisine

Thai culinary repertoire has always balanced between art and science. At Ruen Urai – “the House of Gold” – dishes are prepared with passion and flair based on an intimate knowledge of ingredients and their flavours, textures, and aromas. Paying homage to the herbal medicine doctor who originally resided in the century-old golden teakwood house in which Ruen Urai is located, our gastronomic creations continue to explore zesty herbs and spices and their usage. Through their chemistry and harmony, alchemy is created.

For reservation, please call 02 266 8268-72 ext. Ruen Urai
118 Surawongse Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel: 66 (02) 266-8268-72 ext. Ruen Urai Fax: 66 (02) 266-8096